Fatma and I have been friends for 15 years already. She has now moved to Saudi to work as a pharmacist and we make it a point to see each other once in a while each time she comes home in the Philippines. We’ve surely changed a lot — not only in perspectives but also in preferences. But I am thankful that even as the years have passed, some things remained constant such as our bond. We always look for ways to celebrate our friendship even in the simplest ways —  be it spa, movies, food trip, staycation, or simply conversing with one another.

In her recent homecoming, we thought of doing an activity that represents both our love for two things: desserts and cute stuff. Hence, the Dessert Museum was a perfect venue to bond as grown-ups with that youthful knack for life and beyond!

Electronic Passes for the free desserts

About the Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum is made of 8 dessert-themed rooms. They are not only good for instagam-worthy photos, but also for knowing the history of desserts. Some rooms are interactive — you can play, touch, try it and just purely have fun. The rooms are not made of real sweets. These are just replicas so you cant eat ’em!

The tour is also inclusive of 6 edible desserts but not the buffet/ unlimited type. There is an assigned tour guide per batch who will tell you what you can do inside the room or monitor the duration of the tour per room.


How to Reserve

You can choose two ways: 1. Book Online 2. Walk-in

The walk-in rate is Php 799 while the online rate is Php 699. Since it was a weekend and we anticipated the queue, we opted to book online via https://travelbook.ph where the rate is cheaper (Php 680).

For more information on how to book, visit here:  https://www.thedessertmuseum.com/howtobook/

The Donut Room

The first room is filled with hanging donuts made of hard wood. Be careful not to hit your head with the wood!

Feeling-blogger pose 😛
Fatma and the Donuts: Spot the difference.


The Marshmallow Room

The Marshmallow Room is made of big and small fluffy hanging mallows. We also had our first desserts here: mallows coated in Ube and Vanilla. This is one of my favorite themes as it looks very relaxing to the eyes.





Free marshmallows! Pick ube or vanilla. Of course, Fatma picked the Ube. (Die-hard purple lover)

The Candy Room

There are two doors leading to the Candy Room: Naughty or Nice. This room is filled with giant blue and pink licorice sticks, a corner filled with heart-shaped boxes and another corner of jars filled with colorful balls. It’s also a mini play-ground with hanging ropes, swing, and see-saw. At the end of the tour, we got the blueberry macarons which were heavenly delicious!

Hirap tumalon ha 😀
Hearts hearts

Kids on swings 😛
Blueberry Macarons: So delicious! I should have bought one box.


Ice Cream Room

The ice cream room is dedicated for one of our favorite desserts- ice cream!  Be a kid again and play in the colorful ball pit, take photos at the  giant ice cream made of balloons, and get your free ice cream reward in the end. You’d also see the ice cream trivias written on the walls.

It’s hard to pose here, sorry.

I remember the movie UP 🙂
Cutie Fatma

Ice-cream girl


Enjoying our free popsicles
Care to dive?

Gumball Room

The highlights of this room are the giant bubble and the large inflatable with balloons inside.

A first time
Inside the giant inflatable with balloons

Gummy Bear Room

As kids, we’ve grown to love gummy bears – I think no one can deny that. If gummy bears excite you, there is no doubt this room will equally amuse you. There are large inflatable bears, small bathtubs filled with colorful bears, hanging transparent bears and real gummy bears as free desserts.


Cotton Candy Room

The entire room looks like real cotton candy – but it’s not! Sorry, you can’t eat it. However, you’d be getting your free cotton candy at the end of the tour. Like the Donut Room, it looks very girly-girly. Perfect to strike your poses in this pink-dominated room with your girl friends.

She blends with the cotton candy 😀 😀

Fatma and her cotton candy. She doesn’t like pink, eh?

Cake Pop Room

This is the last room before exiting the museum. It has colorful cake pop replicas such as those hanging from the ceiling.  You can also play mini basketball in one side of the room. As a free treat, everyone gets to have a cake pop before heading out of the room.

The cute kid willing to pose for the camera (It’s hard to imitate her pose, lol)

Free cake pops!

Dessert Museum Boutique

You can buy souvenirs here such as novelty items, stuffed toys, tumblers and other cutesy stuff.

Enjoy the Experience

For kids and kids-at-heart, this place is definitely a perfect hub to rekindle childhood memories and brighten your mood. If you’re stressed, having a bad day, and wanting to unwind, go to this place and you’d leave with a merrier heart.

For me and Fatma, Dessert Museum was a good choice to warm up after not seeing each other for quite some time. And as usual, some things never change. She’s the same high school best buddy who easily gets amused or laugh at the little things. A worthwhile bonding session indeed. 🙂 Til next time! Have a safe trip Aliya!

Pro Tips

  1. Book online for cheaper rates. Check for any ongoing promo with Metrodeal or Travelbook.ph
  2. They accept walk-ins but expect longer lines especially during weekends.
  3. Water is being sold for Php 30 but you can also bring your own.
  4. Wear comfy clothes so you can move around.


The Dessert Museum
Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Barangay 76, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila
Website: https://www.thedessertmuseum.com/
Facebook: The Dessert Museum
Instagram: dessertmuseum