As someone who loves food, I’ve tried quite a number of restaurants already. I get excited trying newly-opened food businesses and check out how they uniquely execute their concepts. Whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall, a classy restaurant, a budget eatery or a famous fast food chain — I’m sure there is always something extraordinaire to discover.

When it comes to food quality, nothing beats home cooking. And speaking of budget, it counts a lot to meet both taste and cost in one go. Since Jem and I are both into exploring food places within our vicinity that won’t take a toll on our budget, we found “Calle Gourmet” as the perfect food stop for our cravings.

My foodie buddy: Jem

About Calle Gourmet

Calle Gourmet is a two-year-old restaurant located in one of the residential streets in Comembo. It features a well-balanced range of comfort food from Korean, Italian, Japanese, Pinoy and American snacks, appetizers and meals ideal for group sharing. It started out before as an intimate catering for close friends and families but as more people passed by and got curious with their offerings, the owner got challenged. Due to insistent public demand and positive reception from its first customers, the owner Kath Donila finally decided to develop the restaurant.


The menu was created out of Kath’s desire to put different comfort cuisines in one stop that people need not to look outside anymore. Calle Gourmet serves burgers, pasta, chicken, nachos, wraps, rice meals, and even unlimited Samgyupsal!


Just like any food business, Calle Gourmet did not have an easy start. Challenges arose such as management, staffing, finances and competition. However, through Kath’s persistence and determination, she kept the boat steady. She constantly innovated the menu and checked what could be improved in the food quality. As someone who’s been in the food industry, it is evident that she knows her craft well.


The Food

Although Samgyupsal is one of their best sellers, Jem and I opted to try their pasta, burgers, and appetizers instead. Our appetite was not ready then for a heavy buffet.

Jem ordered the Buffalo Burger with fries and Iced Tea. She liked the patty which was bit spicy. The spiciness gave that added “kick” to the burger. It was generously filled with vegetables and sauces. The colors of this meal are festive that I regret I wasn’t able to taste it. Looks like one of the burgers from Friday’s, isn’t it? I’ll reserve my judgment next time.

Buffalo Burger with Fries


We also tried out their Jalapeno Sticks, more like similar to Dynamite oozing with cheese and chili inside. The taste is fair enough.

Jalapeno Sticks

They also offer fried chicken in different flavors. We picked the Garlic Parmesan because I’m a long-time fan of this version. It was crispy and delicious. I loved the garlic bits sprinkled over the chicken that brought extra texture and flavor to this appetizer.

Garlic Parmesan Chicken

The Nachos was one of my favorites. It was a party of colors and luscious toppings such as cheese, beef, and greens. Would you believe it’s only Php 100? This one of the most in-demand appetizers in Calle Gourmet. I’m literally drooling while writing this!

Nachos for everyone


I ordered the Carbonara for my pasta. It had the usual creamy sauce and toppings. I wasn’t able to finish this anymore due to heaviness.


The Ambiance

You can choose to dine in any of the areas- either outside for your grilling, or the inside where it is fully air- conditioned. From the outside, it looks like a house but don’t hesitate to come in. Before going here, I already expected the place to be hot due to the weather. To my surprise, it is air-conditioned!


The walls are painted with pastel blue and you’d notice the little trinkets and decors, giving colour to the place.



Calle Gourmet is also accepting bookings for exclusive gatherings. Just message them to inquire about the package and inclusions.


Will Come Back for More

Calle Gourmet, as I see it, is promising. With the management’s tight foundation in the food industry coupled with the right mindset in delivering exceptional customer service, it has the qualities for a food business poised to soar high later on. I always have had high regard for budding foodpreneurs who are bold to gamble, risk, and take the leap to pursue their passion. Calle Gourmet is among them.

I will definitely be back not only to taste the other items on the menu, but to see how gradually it will grow as a restaurant in Comembo.

Calle Gourmet
27 Bayabas Street, Comembo, Makati City
Facebook: Calle Gourmet
Opening Hours: 5 PM to 10 PM
Contact: 09173493231