For the past two years, I reported to work even if it was my birthday. This year, I decided to take a two-day leave at the office to solely concentrate on spending quality time with my family and not be interrupted with anything associated with work.

My first plan was to spend an overnight with my family in Crosswind Suites, Tagaytay because I was so enticed with the scenery and vibe of the place.  However, the weather these past few days was unpredictable and we didn’t have the transportation so I decided not to push through with the idea. Instead, I looked for an alternative staycation within Metro Manila.

I also hid my birthday in my social media accounts this time. It’s not that I want to test who remembers my birthday, I just want to be discreet about it. The number of greetings don’t impress me anymore. I don’t want to overly flaunt it like I used to in my younger years. It’s enough that people who are close to me share this special moment with me.

Date with my brother at Bad Bird Serendra

Because I had a special discount at Bad Bird, I treated my brother for dinner. All of our orders are doubled for the price of one.

We both enjoyed the food and the conversations. Because both of us are busy with our respective work, I appreciate this once-in-a-blue-moon chance to bond with each other. This time he was more calm, composed, and kind to me.


Lunch Buffet at Sambokojin Megamall

Before checking in at the hotel, we had a sumptuous lunch buffet at Sambokojin Megamall. We took advantage of the free buffet for the birthday celebrator and discounts for Senior Citizen and PWD.  I also invited Tita Belle and Eli to celebrate with us.


Compared before, Sambokojin has better and more diverse offerings now. Aside from the delectable Asian cuisines, the range of meat and vegetable skewers for grilling are also delicious. They have a wide array of appetizers, main course, rice meals, side dishes, salads, and desserts.


Besides food, I also liked the service and the ambiance. Waiters are quick to serve the customized orders and do your special requests. The restaurant is also spacious and brightly-lit.


Thanks for the treat, Jaika!


Staycation at Linden Suites

If you’re an avid reader, you would know my family loves staycations as our favorite bonding activity. It saves the effort, time and cost compared to traveling out of town. The cancelled Tagaytay vacation led me to look for a hotel in Metro Manila that can accommodate a group of 8 people in a suite or a serviced apartment.


Linden Suites was the perfect choice. The two-bedroom suite has two rooms, two bathrooms, kitchen facilities, a spacious receiving area and a dining area. We just ordered food outside and bought basic supplies.


The next day, we enjoyed the warm jacuzzi, swimming pool and sauna. It may be a bit pricy for a simple overnight stay but for me, the facilities are all worth it. Time spent with family is priceless and irreplaceable. New memories are added to my birthday celebration and that’s all that matters to me.

Merienda Buffet at Dad’s Megamall

The next day, I was planning to treat my family to a late lunch in a simple fast food such as Chowking or McDonald’s to save up the expenses. But my mom suggested that we head to Dad’s instead and check out their merienda buffet. She was right that we’ll arrive at the same amount but with more filling choices. Thanks to Lola’s Senior card and my cousin’s PWD card!



We enjoyed the Filipino delicacies such as Dinuguan, Pancit, Arrozcaldo, Lumpia, rice cakes, Pasta, and many more.

Birthday Presents

Thank you to the people who showered me these gifts. You know who you are 🙂



More than the amount or the brand, I am thankful that you guys showed your love and appreciation to me. I even cried receiving these. Thanks for remembering me always.




Birthday Realizations

First of all, thank you dear God for giving me another year. I know that despite my inconsistencies, you are still faithful and gracious to me. I am thankful for the good health of me and my family, financial provision, guidance and wisdom. It may not show but it is still my heart’s desire to find Your perfect will and to fulfill it in my life.

Secondly, I am grateful of the people God used to help me grow and realize His goodness and blessings. Even if I hid my birthday in social media, it is so surprising that a lot still remembered and showed their affection through their warm greetings.

Thirty one. Wow. I feel old. But age is just a number. I still look forward to doing more adventures and claiming more of His promises.

And to you, reader, thanks for spending your time to read this blog. Thank you for all the support.



Dani ❤