I have this impression that the food in Bad Bird is way too expensive for my average budget. There is always a long line at Hole in the Wall but I never joined the hype. For me, a chicken platter seems too common to be overrated. However, how can the good reviews not convince me it’s worth the try?


I availed the 50% discount as a privilege given to the subscribers of Low Brow’s newsletter. I invited my brother to dine with me in a branch at Serendra to celebrate my birthday in advance.


The Ambiance

I like the interiors of Bad Bird. The industrial theme is mixed with elegant touches from the lighting, the furniture, to the wall paintings. The restaurant is spacious inside. I was amused by how the place was artistically designed with the “bird” theme, particularly the large painting on the wall. Tones of black, red and beige dominate the interiors of the restaurant, creating that classy vibe.






The mini bar on the side features a cage-like storage for liquor bottles.


The Food

Since Bad Bird and Fowlbread are both managed by Lowbrow Casual Restaurants, they have similarities in the food concept. One of which is the spice meter ranging from Safe, Spicy, and Chemical. Both of us ordered the Sesame Caesar Salad + Torched Corn & Cream Cheese Plate at Php 480. Each plate comes with a bowl of rice. I picked the Safe, while Vince had the Spicy.

The chicken breading was tasty that you’ll wonder which concoction of spices and seasonings was used to create such amazing blend. It was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. At first, I was trying to figure out if the gravy will complement it since it was not served with any sauce. However, when I tasted the gravy, I realized that it can stand alone without any flavor enhancers. The gravy was a bit sour and didn’t like it.

Spicy Chicken

The Torched Corn and Cream Cheese Plate was the definitely the bomb!! The torched cheese and cream perfectly holds the flavor together.


Good thing, I chose the Safe. The Spicy was not friendly with my “reserved” taste buds but it didn’t stop my brother from enjoying it. To each his own, haha!

Safe Chicken

I also liked the Sesame dressing of the Caesar Salad.

Sesame Caesar Salad

Over-all, this platter had the nice balance of everything in it from the chicken, sides, and salad. The salad washed down the strong umami flavor of chicken and corn. Can’t wait to try the other items in the menu.

The Service

We were pleased by their warm and efficient service. The servers are friendly, attentive and prompt. The moment we entered the restaurant, we were greeted and ushered to our seats. I hope this goes the same during Bad Bird’s peak hours.


As always, I’m impressed.

Tasteless Group and LowBrow Casual Restaurants are known for their quirky concepts, catchy taglines, creative promotional and marketing schemes and exceptional food quality. Each time I dine in any of its restaurants, I am always in awe of the unique restaurant concepts that celebrate good food and design.  Bad Bird maintained that good impression.



Bad Bird
Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Phone: 02 9001355
Website: http://eatlowbrow.com/bad-bird/
Facebook: Bad Bird
Instagram: bitebadbird
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 12 midnight daily