Our Favorite Dishes at Conti’s Uptown Parade

Conti’s is one of my go-to restaurants in Serendra. Aside from the best selling Mango Bravo that is by default a must-try in the restaurant, equally there are many gourmet dishes to rave about. I also like the laid-back ambiance that makes casual dining extra special. My family and I frequent the restaurant on both ordinary days and special occasions, albeit the pricey menu.

Photo from Conti’s

When I heard about the opening of a new branch in Uptown Parade, I got curious. I wanted to see if this one is the “upgraded” or “premier” version that bests other branches, as it is located in one of the upscale malls in the Metro. I invited my friends to come with me, just in time for my post-birthday celebration. Tita Sally Hernandez who is an Accounting Manager at Conti’s and happens to be an August celebrator too joined us for this much-awaited food tasting. After all, who could be a better food guide than someone who works with Conti’s?

A Bit of Conti’s Background

While waiting for the food, Tita Sally kept us occupied hearing about stories of Conti’s humble beginnings. Conti’s started out with a family recipe that first catered to the cravings of its neighbors during the holiday season such as the Mango Bravo, Chicken Pie, and Baked Salmon. The good feedback and positive reception about their baked creations made the Conti siblings turn their passion for food into a full-service restaurant.

Today, it has nearly 30 branches in the country and still aiming for expansion. With over 150 dishes, Conti’s continues to be an institution for excellent food and delectable desserts.


Together with other deluxe restaurants, Conti’s is located in Uptown Parade, just across Uptown Mall. This branch is not as spacious as I think, but the restaurant’s well-lit interiors is a noticeable difference compared to the other branches I have been to.

It has pretty chandeliers, huge mirrors, and colorful display of vases that make it more refreshing to the eyes.

Gourmet Dishes

To start off, we had the Gambas Y Champinon al Ajillo (Php 195), composing of shrimps in mushroom, garlic, and olive oil. It has that garlicky and tangy taste that went well with olive oil; that the leftover sauce became an instant added flavor for the other dishes.


I’ve been wanting to try their Baked Prawns (Php 415), and this was the perfect time to do it. The Black Tiger Prawns were butterflied and baked with cheese toppings and served with crab and cucumber salad and Japanese rice. The cheese topping had me lost for words. It’s now a new favorite! The combination of cucumber and crab sticks in mayo is interesting too.


Jem’s order, the Baked Salmon (Php 425), is no wonder a crowd favorite. The fish was baked with a generous amount of cheese and served with buttered vegetables and Paella rice. A perfect match indeed.


Tita Sally’s Paella Madrilena (Php 350), was no less than extraordinary too. The Paella had the right balance of flavors complementing the chicken, prawn, and mixed vegetables. It’s one complete heavy dish.


Caleb’s order was the Grilled Porkchops (Php 395), served with caramelized apples and garlic rice. It was nicely coated with herbs and cooked to perfect tenderness. The gravy was delicious to pair it with. This was a new item in Conti’s menu and you better try this out.


Khaei opted to try the American Grilled Ribs (Php 395) because I ordered her favorite Baked Prawns. It looks juicy, succulent, and well-seasoned. The serving is huge to satisfy your meat cravings.


To cap the rainy evening overloaded with sumptuous food, we had two slices of Mango Bravo (Php 215). After all, it won’t be a legit Conti’s dinner without this popular dessert, right? Huge chunks of frozen mango and layers of wafer, chiffon cake, and nuts cleansed our palates of savory flavors that night. Many have tried imitating the version of this Mango craze but Conti’s remains irreplaceable.

Happy Tummies

Thanks to Hernandez family for allowing me and Jem to experience this delightful feast. It was only through this dinner that I was able to do a comprehensive review of this restaurant, having tasted its undisputed best sellers.

Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Opening hours:11 AM to 10 PM
Facebook: Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Contis is our family’s favorite restaurant because of their Mango Bravo. Hehe. I also tried their ribs and its good! Try their Calarami too. 😊


  2. barquera says:

    I want to try Contis. The menus seems delectable aside the cakes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. barquera says:

    I want to try Contis Restaurants . The menus seems delectable aside the from their dessert. I will order these
    Gambas, Paella and the Baked Salmon.


  4. Rad says:

    Ohhh, we have tried Contis before! And yes, the Mango Bravo is indeed super yummy! 🙂


  5. Christian Foremost says:

    Now, i am craving for mango bravo and good hearty food. Wish I can visit Conti’s with my family some time. I miss their very high-class cuisine!!


  6. I wanna try the Gambas and the Baked Prawns! I haven’t tried dining there because we only go there to buy Mango Bravo Cake haha! I shall try it next time. Love the honesty in your food review. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Gel Jose says:

    Hands down, ang super favorite ko sa Conti’s is the Baked Salmon. It will always be my benchmark, not just for the salmon but also for the paella!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’ve been to Conti’s a couple of times but have never tried there baked prawns, would you know if that’s available in all branches? cause parang wala sa Conti’s terraces. Thanks! Oh and btw, Yummy photos. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, as far as I know meron sa lahat ng branches. Thank you 🙂


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