And just like that, January ended dramatically. Series of global events awakened us with streaks of fear looming about sickness, catastrophes, sudden deaths, and natural disasters. It all happened too fast but the realizations and emotional impact linger. Hence, I was reminded to look back on what happened last year through a blog post: 2019 in review.

I know this is a bit late: I’ve been in blog and social media hiatus for quite some time as I juggle responsibilities and process things that have been happening lately in my life. Honestly, I am not inspired to write — I just want to keep things to myself or write it down in my planner. Although I am quite hesitant to publish this, I know I still owe my readers an article about the highlights of my journey last 2019.

Just like any journey, mine had bumps along the road. But as always, it was outnumbered by God’s goodness and faithfulness even in the hard times.

Dad got sick.

Yes, he was diagnosed with the Big C. This news shocked my family as we were used to him being the strongest in the family. We’ve been in and out of the hospital. He’s no longer capable of working. Hence, this has taken toll on our family physically, emotionally, and financially. But by the grace of God, this has taken a great detour on our spiritual lives as well. He is continuing his medications and trying to live a normal life despite his illness.

I got promoted at work.

God’s delays are not denials. I finally got my promotion last year. Maybe I was not prepared nor mature yet for the role when I applied for it last 2018. Really, He makes things happen in His own time. As I look back, I learned to value more my current role because I know I worked hard to be where I am right now. Of course, it won’t be possible without the people who believed in my capabilities. I also realized that increased responsibilities meant bigger accountability and that in the process, you begin to think less of what you can gain but how you can be of service to others.

I earned my milestones in blogging.

I became a member of this huge, fun and creative blogging group, Saan Sa Ph. I also reached 1k followers on Facebook. My traffic increased to more than 200% compared to 2018 and my views are now averaging to 2k a month. I know this may seem small, but for me it’s a big milestone already.

With Saan Sa PH fam
In 2019, my views shoot up to 21k

We were blessed with a car.

Thanks to my sister’s initiatives and hard work, my family was blessed with a car. This has been one of my family’s dreams, especially my dad. Fulfilling his dream is priceless. Plus, we are able to travel more as a family and conveniently go to the places we frequent.

I traveled to Taiwan and Zamboanga.

I only had a few out of town travels last year, but what made it memorable were my trips to Taiwan and Zamboanga.

I spent my birthday with my family in Tagaytay and was invited to review One Tagaytay Place.

This was my first sponsored travel gig featuring One Tagaytay Place. I spent it with my family and we enjoyed the stay very much.

We spent the New Year in our new house in Cavite.

We haven’t moved in yet but we celebrated the New Year in General Trias, Cavite to experience what it feels like living there. Surprisingly, it changed the mood in the family. I was reminded again to work hard and save more for the pending constructions so that in time, we can transfer here already.

Celebrating at our humble abode

What I have learned in 2019

Twenty nineteen was really tough. I thought I won’t be able to rise up again. Last year, I have learned that our life is really fragile. Family and relationships are indispensable. More than the material blessings, health and positive relationships are superior and should be therefore be given more importance.

Also, God gives you grace continually to survive the intricacies of life. All you have to do is trust Him even in the darkest times. Thank you Lord for blessing me and my family last year.