My birthday falls on the middle of the peak season at work. So instead of simply celebrating it with my family over lunch or dinner, I thought of either bringing them out of town or staying at a hotel so that it would also serve as a quick getaway and a stress-buster at the same time. If you’ve been an avid reader, then you’d know how our family loves staycations. My sister and I love to travel but since we cannot bring our family out of town as much as we want to, we convert it to staycations either through Airbnb or at local hotels in Manila.


As I’ve said in my birthday post, we dumped the first plan of spending an overnight at Crosswind Suites Tagaytay primarily due to the weather and transportation. So as a back-up option, I looked for a nice hotel or a serviced apartment in Metro Manila which has big space, enough rooms, affordable cost, and nice amenities for other leisure activities like swimming. It was my cousin who suggested to check out The Linden Suites. Checking the reviews and features online, I instantly liked The Linden Suites.


Booking and Rates

There are many methods of booking this reservation. You may either reserve via,, or directly through their website. However, I did not use any of these. I called Linden Suite’s reservations officer and inquired if I can use the Senior Citizen ID of my grandmother so we can avail the huge discount. We only paid Php 6,400 compared to the website’s published rate of Php 8,000 (inclusive of fees and taxes) for an overnight stay at a Two- Bedroom Suite. When she confirmed, she sent me the reservation slip and hotel policies agreement form. I signed it and attached the copy of my valid ID.

Pro-tip: Constantly check their social media accounts for any ongoing promo or discount. They usually post in their Facebook page and Instagram.

First Impressions

Linden Suites is situated in the busy corporate jungle of Ortigas. Locating it was easy since it is just near SM Megamall. From the outside, it doesn’t look like a hotel. It looks like one of the corporate offices in Ortigas.

Reception area

The lobby was not as grand or lavish like the other hotels I’ve been to. The reception area was rather small and simple and managed only by two of their reception officers. However, what impressed me is how these ladies accommodated us — they were very professional and had pleasing personalities. They entertained our questions well that I didn’t mind if the reception area looked unflattering. They were not snob or looked irritable even if the customer inquiries were overwhelming.

Two Bedroom Suite Amenities and Features

I booked one two-bedroom suite for my family and guests. The size of the room is 79-113 SQM. based on the website. It has two bedrooms, one with a queen-sized bed, and another with 2 single beds. It has two separate bathrooms — one with a bathtub and one with a shower.

The suite’s receiving area is very spacious that you can hold parties for big groups. There’s a big television set and comfy sofa chairs with a small table at the center. At the back is a working office table with a lamp and a telephone.

Living area

Office table

The dining area is good for six people.  We just ordered food outside and ate here.


There is also a separate door for the kitchen area which has cooking utensils and basic kitchen appliances. There is even complimentary coffee and tea for its guests. We didn’t cook anymore to avoid the hassle of preparing and washing the dishes. Good thing, there is a microwave oven to heat the food we ordered for delivery.

Small kitchen

Complimentary coffee and tea and electric pot

Microwave oven and coffee maker

The rooms had comfy beds and perfectly-working AC. Each room has a wooden cabinet where we can store our personal belongings during our stay.

Room 1: 2 Single beds

Room 1: 2 Single beds


The bathrooms are provided with the basic toiletries. They are not spacious, but are clean. The bathtub, however is too small. I appreciate that the hot and cold shower is also working because you know, I love, long leisurely warm baths. It has all the basic necessities that we need aside from the toiletries such as tissue, towels, blower, toothbrush, cotton, shower cap, and cotton buds.

Bathroom 1


I enjoyed my bathtub experience. I bought my scented bath bombs from Lush and soaked in the warm water for about an hour. It was truly rejuvenating. Unfortunately, I can’t share my photo here, hehe. *wink*



Recreational Center

The next day, we used the other facilities of the hotel. Linden has a small swimming pool and jacuzzi which we both enjoyed.  The jacuzzi was warm and good for the body. After dipping in the cold pool, you may go here straight to relax your muscles and be refreshed with the hot water. Our elderly companions definitely had a good time here. Good thing, it was a weekday so we had the jacuzzi all to ourselves. Otherwise, if it was a weekend, it will be jam-packed with guests like what I have heard.


My mom enjoying the Jacuzzi

The indoor pool is also small. Lucky if you visit here on a day where there are only a few people because you would sharing a small space.


After swimming, we went to the sauna for some steam. I didn’t went inside the sauna room anymore and proceeded instead to take a bath and change clothes since we were running out of time to prepare for the check-out.


Tita Belle enjoyed her Sauna

My Feedback

Generally, the facilities and guest services were okay. The facilities were not that flashy or flamboyant, but nevertheless they provided our convenience. Functionality over form, as they would say.

I also observed that they will grant your “extra” requests but they are limited. For example, I requested for extra mugs and two but we were allowed to have only two. I also asked for extra bathrobes, but they can only provide two even if the capacity of the room is good for 4 to five guests. The room is big, but the dining utensils are good for a few people only say for example the plates, spoon and forks and drinking glasses. I guess I just compared it to the other high-end hotels where you can ask for these extra necessities without additional charge or limited count.


  1. Inquire about any ongoing promo or discount before booking.
  2. Come on time to maximize your stay. Check-in is at 3 pm for suite rooms and 2 pm for regular rooms.
  3. They allow extension of stay without extra charges, but advice the reception officer in advance. You may check-out 30 minutes to 1 hour after 12 noon, but this depends on your coordination with the hotel.
  4. Bring food supplies and drinking water to avoid the hassle of going out to buy what to you need. Buy bread, biscuits, chips, 1 gallon of water (at least), cup noodles, 3-in-1 coffee in sachets.
  5. Order food through delivery for dinner.
  6. Buy extra paper plates, cups, spoon and fork if you are staying with a big group.
  7. Use the swimming pool the earliest time you can to avoid the crowd.
  8. The nearest mall is Megamall.

A Venue for Memorable Occasions

Our stay at Linden Suites not only made my birthday memorable, it also added precious memories to my family. Their happiness and enjoyment is all that matters to me. Thanks to my sister for being my reliable co-planner for awesome staycations like this!


The Linden Suites
TEL: (632) 638 7878
FAX: (632) 638 7877 | (632) 633 7012
Instagram: @thelindensuites
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