Samgyupsal Cravings Satisfied at Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ Market!Market!

I think I will never outgrow my love for Korean food. Although I am not a die-hard K-drama or K-Pop fan, I have a distinct love for the freshness and quality of Korean BBQ and Banchan. I like how the meat selections are seasoned and conveniently prepared for grilling, and how the vegetable sides complement and balance these. Unlike other cuisines, it doesn’t tire my palate easily. Hence, this leads me to trying out different Samgyupsal restaurants and figuring out my best choices.

Adding to my list is Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ in Market!Market! It’s the same team that handles Jin Joo Korean Grill. Together with my fellow bloggers, I was invited to the restaurant’s sneak peak a day before its grand opening.


Although the place is small compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants, what is easily noticeable is the combination of colors from the blue and red steel chairs, the neon signage on the wall, the rose gold grill exhaust and the gold utensils. The over-all ambiance is refreshing to the eyes, perfect for your Instagram shots.

Self- service Beverage Station

Inclusive of the unlimited Samgyupsal are the refillable drinks. There is a corner for the self-service beverage station. The flavors are Lemon Iced Tea, Blue Lemonade, Cucumber Lemonade and Mango Juice. I keep coming back for Cucumber and Mango.


The lunch rate is Php 499 inclusive of unlimited 14 kinds of Pork, Beef, Banchan, cheese, rice, and drinks. For dinner, just add Php 50 = Php 549. If you want to avail of the unlimited hotpot, just add another Php 50.

Unlimited Banchan, Cheese, and Rice

You’ll be happy with Mr. Korea’s range of side dishes. There’s Kimchi, sweet potato, onions, cucumber with carrots, Bulgogi, and lettuce just to name a few. My favorites would be the sweet potato, onions, Bulgogi and that white fishball-like side dish with sauce. I also liked how the lettuce is trimmed for bite sizes and placed in a small, cute basket. Sadly, I don’t eat Kimchi. Of course, how does one forget about cheeese? It blends everything perfectly.

Fitting for your big appetite is the unlimited rice served in small stainless bowl. Samgyupsal plus veggies is already filling to the tummy, but it’s still incomparable if you match it with a hefty serving of rice!


In Mr. Korea, there’s only three sauces : soy, sesame with salt, and chili.

14 Kinds of Pork and Beef

Yes, you heard it right — 14 different types of flavored meat! I was not able to try everything, but definitely, my aversion for anything spicy made me devour just the “plain” flavors of pork and beef. Of all, what stood out for me was the Beef Enoki! Winner!

Dry Rub Woosamgyup
Beef Enoki

Korean Hotpot (Shabu shabu)

As what I’ve mentioned, the price is not inclusive of the unlimited shabu shabu. Just add Php 50 for the unli shabu shabu broth, dumplings, noodles, and vegetables. The broth is flavorful and the dumplings are delish too.

A Samgyupsal Party like no other

I definitely enjoyed this dining experience with my fellow bloggers. I’d give it 4.5 out of 5. I liked the food presentation, the aesthetics of the place, the customer service, and the flavors of the sides and meat. If only I have a strong tolerance for spicy food, I’d say I love everything about this place. Note: I went back to this place with my sister not as a blogger but as a guest, but the quality of the food is still the same.

For those who love Soju, this restaurant also offers different flavors. I don’t drink — this is only for pictorial purposes.

Friendly Staff

The staff are friendly and are quick in their services. I hope they maintain this good customer service even after the grand opening.

Other Practical Information:

  • You may enjoy the Samgyupsal for two hours. Left over has an extra charge.
  • Only two plates of meat are served at a time.
  • Korean BBQ is best enjoyed with partners, family and friends. Solo dining is discouraged.
  • Take-out is not allowed.
  • Children 3 feet and below are free of charge. Children below 4 feet will be charged half of the price.
  • You may check their FB page for their ongoing promos:

When I, my sister and companions dined here for the Metrodeal promo, we noticed that the two-plates-per-serving was not followed. I understand that the two-hour limit is imposed to regulate the number of customers and to give chances to others to get their seats quickly. However, this might send the wrong impression to those who wanted to enjoy their Samgyupsal experience a little longer.

Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ
Ground Floor, C5 Wing, Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Opening Hours: M-F, 10 AM to 10 PM
Contact number: 09276889555
Facebook: Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ
Instagram: mrkoreamnl

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean Ricamata says:

    Oh my, this article really made me hungry. And since they have a branch in market market I really have to try eating here with my family this weekend. I will definitely try the Beef Enoki since you said that it’s really great. Thanks for the recommendation

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that is my favorite! Thanks for reading =)


  2. Good thing this restaurant has choices of beef, since I do not eat pork. I would try this once I would be in Taguig. Love how they present their choices.


    1. I see! I also love beef more than pork.


  3. Gel Jose says:

    And the K-BBQ wars continue! Personally, I think that Beef Enoki has my name on it!


  4. Blair villanueva says:

    This is a good option for my meat-cheat-day. I only eat meat twice in a month, and not bad to check this place soon.


  5. Rad says:

    Whoa! Another Korean BBQ restaurant to contend for the championship! It does look like a Samgyupsal Party like no other.


  6. May De Jesus-Palacpac says:

    meron na pala dito sa market market, di ko namalayan, haha. it’s a little pricey ha, compared to other samgyupsal restos. matao ba?


    1. Haha malapit ka po sa market?
      A bit pricy kasi di pa kasama ung shabu shabu sa regular price


  7. Christian Foremost says:

    Wow. I am once again craving for samgyup and this may just be the new place i was looking for! Thanks for sharing. It is actually priced quiet farily compared to the others, but im betting there will be a long line when we get there. But will definitely pay this place a visit sometime.


  8. Christian Foremost says:

    Well, i am once again craving for samgyup. And thanks for recommending this, it sounds like a really nice place and just the new kbbq that i was looking for. I bet that there will be a long line outside though when we get therw since the place is small. Nonetheless, we will surely visit sometime.


  9. Camille says:

    The place looks neat and modern. Love your photos, too, they make me drool and crave for Samgyup right now! It’s interesting that they have 14 meat selections, more than the usual.


  10. Athley says:

    Of all the Korean bbq restau, this is by far have a good variety of meat. I love that the meat isn’t sliced to thin… hindi tinipid! Plus, there’s a good selection of drinks. I’ll definitely try this one out!


  11. Another samgyupsal restaurant to visit! Great thing they have 14 kinds of meat and a variety of beverages. not to mention CHEESE! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  12. Shescapade says:

    There’s a lot of Korean BBQ right now. And I think nagkaka talo nalang talaga sa side dishes and the price. I think the difference here is may hot pot sila, will try it soon.


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