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One Sweet Day at the Dessert Museum

Fatma and I have been friends for 15 years already. She has now moved to Saudi to work as a pharmacist and we make it a point to see each other once in a while each time she comes home in the Philippines. We’ve…

Why Visiting Your Former School is Life Changing

Last October 2017, I visited my high school with my friends Rekha and Euri. It started with a random tagging at a Facebook post then popped the question “Tara, visit tayo sa CSA!” “Kailan? Bukas pwede ako !” Knowing that it is very rare for…

Traveling Essentials for the Smart Backpacker

I love to travel. The idea of going to the mountain, a secluded island or a remote city in the country thrills me. With my frequency in traveling, somehow I already have a list consistent list of must-haves when going outdoors. Completing your traveling…

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